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How to Treat a Seizure

Overview Most seizures that people have are not lift threatening, and they are easily managed. In most cases, the person suffers from epilepsy or other medical conditions that are causing these seizures to happen. The only time that someone should be concerned is if this seizure follows an injury to the head, if the person […]

Treating A Head Injury

Overview When a person receives an injury to the head, this can cause brain damage, skull damage, as well as damage to their scalp. Inside the skull, protected by meninges, which is soft tissue, rests the brain. Thus, any head injury is cause for concern. Skull Fractures In most cases, a head injury occurs when […]

Treating The Dreaded Flu

Overview Of Flu Flu is a highly contagious illness that spreads quickly through sneezes and coughs of individuals who are carrying the bug. If you’re in danger of complications from flu, make certain you have your yearly flu inoculation. How Flu Affects You Flu symptoms can hit rather unexpectedly and severely. They generally include fever, shaking, headaches and […]

How To Reduce A High Fever

Overview Of Fevers Fever occurs when the body temperature is higher the normal (a normal temperature is 98.60F or 370C) Points toward an irregular process within the body Fever is merely a symptom and not disease A fever is also referred to as ‘pyrexia’ A low temperature is generally between :98.80F to 100.80F A moderate […]