First Aid Training in Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray First Aid, located right in the busy commercial district of Alberta, is one of the best providers you can find in Canada. This provider offers students the best First Aid Training in Fort McMurray with choices – large selection of programs and schedules, cheap rates, training from St Mark James instructors. There is no better provider in Alberta than Fort McMurray First Aid. The facilities are easily accessible as well, by both public and private transportation. Sign up for training today!

First aid training: an overview

Using an AED during CPR training course
Using an AED on a pediatric mannequin during a CPR training course

St Mark James first aid training program is a two-day, 14 (to 16) hour program offered by Fort McMurray First Aid. Available through the week at several schedules – even weekends and evenings – this provider’s program are the ones that are most convenient for students with different schedules such as employees and students. The most common trainees for this program are employees who are required by their workplace to secure a first aid training certificate from St Mark James.

The most basic topic in the first aid program is cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). This topic focuses on the latest techniques and updates from the American Heart Association in performing CPR. Even the use of automated external defibrillators (AED) when they are available when CPR is being performed is part of CPR training. There are stand-alone CPR programs with this provider, in three different categories.

  • CPR A teaches adult CPR and lasts 4 hours
  • CPR C teaches adult and pediatric CPR and lasts 5 hours
  • CPR HCP teaches CPR C targeted towards health care workers and lasts 6 hours

The training certificate

St Mark James Training awards students who are able to complete a program, a certificate card valid for three years. To keep the cards valid for another three years, the student has to take a recertification program before the card expires. Recertification classes are:

  • 6-8 hours long for first aid
  • 4 hours long for CPR C and HCP

Currently, CPR A has no available recertification program. Always remember that only those with cards that are still valid can take recertification programs. If your certificate card has expired, you will have to retake the entire training program for first aid or CPR.


Opening the airway and checking for breathing
Checking for breathing of an unconscious victim

Fort McMurray First Aid gives trainees different methods of enrolment. The most commonly used is the application form on the internet because it can be filled out at any time. The second is through e-mail or telephone call. E-mails can be sent at any time as well but phone calls (as well as walk-ins) can only be done during regular business hours.

All fees are settled during enrolment as well. No more additional expenses are paid after the training is completed. The total fees cover everything – tuition, certification, registration with St Mark James, manuals, and tax. Complete reimbursements are even given to students who drop out, provided a three day notice is given to the provider.

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