1st Aid Locations

Registering for a 1st aid class can be a big headache. Customers have so many options to choose from and so many 1st Aid Training providers to register with. Making sure the provider offers a credible certificate and a reasonable price is a major concern among most customers. To help you with choosing the right provider at the right cost we have chosen the top providers in most of the Canadian municipalities. We are partnered with credible St Mark James providers that offer the lowest prices in Kelowna, Vancouver, Surrey, Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Ottawa. To register with one of our providers select your location from above or from the menu. Read on to find out why we have partnered with these providers.

1st Aid Training Partner Locations

Our training partners are located in almost every major English speak municipality in Canada. They are located in the following cities and provinces. Click on your location for information about the provider in your area.

British Columbia





Nova Scotia

Top Reasons to Register with our Elite St Mark James First Aid and CPR Providers

The following is a customer-created list of what the ideal provider should offer. Our 1st aid training partners scored the highest marks with the criteria in the following list.

  • CPR training in Vancouver Yaletown
    CPR training in Vancouver, Yaletown

    All of our first aid training providers offer the lowest and most competitive prices. No hidden or surprise fees.

  • Classrooms are neat, friendly, comfortable, well-maintained, and conveniently located. Most training partners provide several 1st aid training centers throughout the selected municipality.
  • St Mark James 1st aid and CPR are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced.  All instructors have amazing positive testimonials and reviews.
  • All 1st aid, CPR and AED re-certification courses are available at our St Mark James training providers. These courses are offered at least twice per week (typically once during weekdays and once on weekends)
  • Standard privacy, refund, and transfer policies are in place to ensure high business standards.
  • All candidates that complete the program and successfully pass the written and skills components of the 1st aid course will receive a St Mark James certificate that states completion in the program and the level of CPR training.

For more information about the first aid provider in your region or to enroll in first aid and CPR training near you select your location from the menu or from the posted municipalities above. Learn the basic 1st aid and CPR skills to save a life through our premier training providers.

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