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Hyperextended elbow

Hyperextended elbow happens when the elbow joint moves outside the normal range of movement or bends backward and cause severe pain. Anyone can be affected by this condition, but it is usually common in people playing contact sports or performing strenuous physical activities. Symptoms of a hyperextended elbow Severe elbow pain with stiffness and swelling […]

Knee hyperextension

Knee hyperextension is a condition where the knee becomes extended beyond the normal range of movement. It causes severe stress on the major ligaments of the knee. It can happen to anyone but frequently caused by athletic injuries. Playing contact sports such as lacrosse, soccer, and football are susceptible to this condition. Causes of knee […]

Treating thigh contusion

A thigh contusion is caused by a sharp impact on a muscle that results to swelling and bruising of the thigh muscles. The contusion can be intramuscular and intermuscular. Intramuscular contusion happens when the muscles are torn within the sheath that surrounds it and causes minor bleeding caused by the increased pressure inside the muscle […]