Child Care 1st Aid Courses

Child care 1st aid courses are programs offered exclusively through St Mark James. This program is divided into two different courses; emergency child care first aid and standard child care first aid. Both courses include CPR level “B” and automated external defibrillator training. Candidates do not have the option of selecting any other level of CPR training with the child care program. These courses are designed for people that want to work in the child care, daycare, child-minding, or kindergarten field of work. These courses strongly mimic the course content of standard first aid training and are the most intensive courses offered through St Mark James. To register for a course you can select your location from the side menu bar to be directed to a registration page in your area.

Childcare 1st Aid Course Content:

Basic Rescue Techniques in Healthcare provider courses in Portland
Participants that enroll in childcare first aid training will also get certification in CPR level “B”.

The course content for emergency and standard child care first aid training is very similar to that of standard first aid courses. However, since emergency child care first aid is only 8 to 10 hours in length it is substantially more intensive than standard child care first aid which is 18 to 20 hours in length. Enroll in this course.

Child care 1st aid and CPR Course Length:

Standard child care first aid, CPR “B” and AED courses are anywhere from 18 to 20 hours in length. Emergency child care 1st aid courses are 8 to 10 hours in length. Course length varies depending ultimately upon St Mark James 1st aid instructor.

Course Cost:

The cost of these child care 1st aid courses varies depending on the location and the selection (emergency vs standard). The course fee varies from 85 to 135 dollars. Course fee includes manual, taxes, and St Mark James certification fees.


We offer child care 1st aid training throughout Canada in convenient and comfortable locations. We have training locations in Vancouver, Surrey, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Hamilton, and Ottawa.

St Mark James Certification:

Once candidates successfully complete the course they will receive a St Mark James emergency or standard child care first aid, CPR level “B” and AED certificate. This certificate meets legislative and government standards in your area and is valid for 3 years. Re-certification courses are not available for emergency child care 1st aid. Candidates may be required to renew the certificate at an earlier date based on employer or school policy.

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