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How to treat impetigo

Impetigo is a common and very contagious infection of the skin that usually affects children and infants. It is characterized by red sores that develop on the face especially on the nose and mouth and on the feet and hands of the child. Then sores burst and develop honey-colored crusts. This condition usually happens in […]

Dealing with jungle rot

Jungle rot is also known as tropical ulcer which is a painful, necrotic lesion due to mixed bacterial infection. It is a combination of anaerobic and spiral bacteria. This condition usually develops among children and young adults in warm humid tropical or subtropical regions. Jungle rot is caused by continuous exposure of the feet and arms […]

Skin Abrasion

Minor cuts, scrapes, and skin abrasions are part of everyday life. Abrasions can occur anytime accidentally. It is common among children. Basic skin injuries are simple to treat and often do not require further medical attention. Abrasion or brush burn is a minor injury that occurs when skin is torn off. It is notable from […]

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is typically appears on babies and teenagers skin under 2 years old. It is a common form of inflammation of the skin that appears bumpy around the area of baby’s diaper. Every baby will get a diaper rash during first 3 years of life. The majority babies between 9 to 12 months old […]


Bruise is a discoloration of the skin due to trauma. It is the blood that gets trapped below the skin. The injury causes capillaries to burst. Bruises are bluish or purple-coloured patches that appear on the skin. They change color over time. A bruise will be reddish first, after one to two days; the red […]


An airborne disease which spreads easily through cough and sneeze is called measles that usually affects children. Saliva or nasal secretion may also be factors to transmit measles from one person to another. It primarily develops in areas of Africa and Asia. Any surfaces in the house, like doorknobs and desktops can be the source […]

Skin Asthma

Skin asthma is a skin disorder that causes inflammation, redness and itchy rashes. It may cause by a hypersensitive skin to allergy. It can manifest or show roughness, dryness, and change in skin color.   Skin asthma is a continuing skin condition. It needs consistent regular treatment. Refer to a dermatologist or a qualified skin […]


An infection caused by the varicella-zoster virus is what we call the chicken pox. Older children and adults, even children under age 15 can get it. It spreads very easily from one person to another. Chicken pox is a virus that is considered by itchiness, red blisters that appear all over the body. It is […]


Sunburn can happen even in just 15 minutes of being under the sun. Redness and discomfort remains unnoticeable within few hours. Sunburn is a procedure or radiation that affects the skin. This can be caused by overexposure to ultraviolet radiation commonly comes from the sun. Kids younger than six years old and adults aging sixty […]

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