First Aid Training at Lethbridge

First aid training programs at Lethbridge First Aid are the best in the city, covering the most comprehensive list of topics in the program curriculum. There is simply no better provider in Lethbridge than Lethbridge First Aid. Finding a program that fits your schedule is easy as well, because all classes at this provider are offered through the week (evenings and weekends included). There are even different ways to enrol for a program, to provide the utmost comfort to trainees.

More on enrolment

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Students typically sign up for training programs through the application form on the Lethbridge First Aid website. The form will allow you to choose the program you want to sign up for as well as the available schedule for that program. E-mails, telephone calls, and even walk-ins are also encourged – provided that all business is conducted during operating hours only.

Also, all fees are paid during enrolment as well. Students are typically concerned about expensive additional training fees after a program so this provider allows students to pay everything even beore training starts. The total fees include:

  • Tuition plus tax
  • Certificates
  • St Mark James registration
  • Manuals
  • Use of equipment and facilities

If ever a student drops out of a program and will be unable to finish it, full reimbursements are given to everyone who informs the staff at least three days prior to dropping out.

Overview on training

First aid training is a two-day program, running for 14-16 hours long in total. Students who usually take the first aid training program because of work requirements for basic first aid certification. The curriculum includes the following topics:

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    Training room

    ABC injuries

  • Wound care, bandaging, and splinting
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Automated external defibrillation (AED)

There is also a special CPR program, teaching students only CPR and AED. There are three categories to choose from:

  • CPR A – teaches CPR for adults, 4 hours long
  • CPR C – teaches CPR for adults and children (pediatric – infant, toddler) CPR, 5 hours long
  • CPR HCP – teaches CPR C for health care workers

Certificates and validity

To pass a program, students need to have complete attendance, at least 75 or better on the written exam, and good demonstration of first aid skills. Once all of these requirements are met, students receive a certificate card from St Mark James. After three years, the certificates loose their validity.

If a student wants to keep the certificate valid for another three years, he or she has to take a recertification program while the certificate is not yet expired. Recertification program are as follows:

  • First aid – 6- 8 hours
  • CPR C and CPR HCP – 4 hours

Currently there is no recertification classes available for CPR A.

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