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Treating The Dreaded Flu

Overview Of Flu Flu is a highly contagious illness that spreads quickly through sneezes and coughs of individuals who are carrying the bug. If you’re in danger of complications from flu, make certain you have your yearly flu inoculation. How Flu Affects You Flu symptoms can hit rather unexpectedly and severely. They generally include fever, shaking, headaches and […]

How To Reduce A High Fever

Overview Of Fevers Fever occurs when the body temperature is higher the normal (a normal temperature is 98.60F or 370C) Points toward an irregular process within the body Fever is merely a symptom and not disease A fever is also referred to as ‘pyrexia’ A low temperature is generally between :98.80F to 100.80F A moderate […]

Preventing Sweaty And Smelly Feet

Overview Of Smelly Feet Stink feet aren’t nice for anybody, but there are easy methods you can do to make certain it remains fresh. Smelly feet are also referred to as bromodosis; smelly feet are a normal for most people. It can be awkward and unpleasant for you and individuals around you. The main problem is clammy feet occur when wearing the […]

Dealing With A Toothache

Overview Of Toothache Toothache is a result of several factors. It could be because of cavities, contamination, an open tooth root, gum virus, etc. It generally occurs when the soft central area of the tooth known as the pulp, which contains numerous highly delicate nerve endings, gets swollen or infected. It is advised to seek […]

Treating Cuts And Burns At Home

Overview First aid is the initial treatment to avoid degradation of the situation of any injured casualty. In case of different grievances, different procedures and first aid can be applied. First aid for a slight cut and burn can be handled by using things that can be simply found around the house. A first aid kit that […]

Identifying The Causes Of A Migraine

What Is A Migraine? A migraine is a medical disorder. Most individuals who experience migraines suffer from headaches that can be quite serious. A migraine headache is generally a penetrating, aching pain on one, or occasionally, both sides of the head. Most individuals with migraine headache feel discomfort in the behind one eye or ear, […]

First Aid Help For Sprains

Overview – What Is A Sprain? A sprain is the stretch or split of tendon which connects the bones. Can take place in both the upper and lower section of the body. Most frequent places people sprain – wrists, knee and ankles. What Are The Causes Of A Sprain Accidents and traumas. Picking up heavy items. […]

First Aid For Bruising

Overview Of Bruises A bruise or “contusion” forms on the skin when it has suffered an ordeal such as a scratch or a knock to the affected area. The injury results in small blood vessels known as capillaries which burst, and the blood gets confined beneath the skin’s surface. Bruises can take place on the […]