Dealing With A Toothache

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Overview Of Toothache

  • Toothache is a result of several factors.
  • It could be because of cavities, contamination, an open tooth root, gum virus, etc.
  • It generally occurs when the soft central area of the tooth known as the pulp, which contains numerous highly delicate nerve endings, gets swollen or infected.
  • It is advised to seek the assistance of a dentist when it comes to toothache, but there are some natural methods which can help soothe the pain in the meantime.

Here are some elements which can assist you in combating your toothache:

Toothache is a result of several factors
Toothache is a result of several factors


  • The clove is the hero of home remedies when it comes to dealing with a toothache.
  • Cloves have anti-inflammatory and numbing effects besides containing lots of antioxidants.
  • These effects are the secret component that not only relieves a toothache but also combats infection.
  • You can take one clove and put it on the tooth and chew on it.
  • You can blend a couple of cloves and combine some vegetable oil to it.
  • This will the form a paste which can be smeared onto the affected tooth.


Garlic is notorious for its therapeutic properties and also great as an antibiotic. Garlic is extremely effective in reducing the effects of bacteria within the mouth and gums.

  • Bite on a few of cloves of garlic to release any pain.
  • Blend some salt with a garlic clove and place this concoction onto the aching tooth.


An onion is known for its antibacterial effects. Not only can onion assist in offering relief from toothache but also assists in getting rid of germs that might cause infection.

  • Bite on a uncooked onion just for a few minutes to get rid of the pain
  • You can also put the raw onion on the tooth without chewing it.


Individuals with sensitive teeth might find this choice a bit senseless, but it’s true. An ice cube assists by relieving toothache by deadening the gums and the surrounding nerve endings.

  • Place an ice cube in a piece of cloth. Place it against your cheek where the affected tooth is, just for a few minutes.
  • You can also put the ice on the tooth directly like that, but the pain could be unbearable.

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