Sticky coating on the eyelashes

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Hair growing on the border of eyelids is called eyelashes and function in shielding the eyes from sweat, dust and dirt from coming into the eyes and it is also a sign of beauty and youth.

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Sticky coating on the eyelashes is the most noticeable and irritating issue that occur upon waking up after a long sleep. In some cases, the eyelids are sticking together neatly. The sticky coating is simply pus that can be caused by infection and sometimes the coating hardens into a crust.

Causes of sticky coating on the eyelashes

Sticky eyelashes
Sticky coating on the eyelashes is the most noticeable and irritating issue that occur upon waking up after a long sleep.
  • The eyelashes become sticky due to the secretions produced by the eyes and follicles of hair. Once there is inflammation and irritation, it can trigger excess the production of excess secretions.
  • A condition where there is inflammation of the conjunctiva is called conjunctivitis. It is caused by bacteria or virus but a foreign element that causes irritation of the eye can also cause conjunctivitis. This condition is characterized by excess secretion of tears, redness, irritation and itchiness of the affected eye/eyes. The eyelashes can stick together due to the overnight discharge coming from the eyes.
  • A condition where the eyelids are swollen, scaly and flaking is called blepharitis. This condition is common among people who have seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, mites and allergies from cosmetics products.
  • Allergies can also cause increased production of tears in the eyes, thus causing sticky eyelashes.
  • Ulcers on the cornea which is caused by bacteria or viral infection can cause pain and irritation in the eyes.
  • An inflammation of the sclera which is the white portion of the eyes can cause blurred vision, red patches and pain in the eye. In most cases, the eyelashes can stick together due to the excess secretion coming from the eyes.

Treatment and home remedies of sticky coating on the eyelashes

  • Clean the eyelashes and the eyelids using warm water since it helps to loosen up the dried coating on the lashes and also helps open up the eye. Make sure that the eyelashes are cleaned frequently in order to clear away the stickiness.
  • Create a solution using boric powder. In a glass of water, add a pinch of boric powder and mix them together. Dip a cotton ball in the mixture and use it to clean the lashes until all the wax and dried coating are removed. It also helps with the viral and bacterial conjunctivitis.
  • Antibacterial eye drops and eye ointments can be used for bacterial conjunctivitis.
  • If the eyelids are infested with mites, you have to apply an antibacterial ointment that is specially formulated for the eye to kill the mites.
  • Combine tearless baby shampoo with warm water. Dip a cloth in the mixture and clean the affected area of the eyes using the fingers.

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