Causes Of Burns And Treatment

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Overview Of Burns

  • Burns are regarded as a type of injury to the skin and the core tissues.
  • Generally skin burns are slight injuries, which generally take place at your place of work or at home.
  • Burns are regarded as a burning feeling around the injured region and severe damage to the skin.

Causes Of Burns

There are many factors that make you prone to skin burns, such as radiation or heat. Though, the general causes of skin burns are mostly placed into three core groups:

  • Everyday activities: The general activities that result in burns are too much sun exposure (individuals with sensitive skin), unintentional activities like hot liquid or direct contact with a hot item such as steam from an iron.
  • Chemicals: Other causes such as electricity, radiation, or electric shock and particular chemicals can also result in burns.
  • Inhalation injury: One of the uncommon causes of burns is an inhalation injury to the lungs. This is mostly caused by inhaling smoke.

Symptoms Of Burns

Burns are regarded as a type of injury to the skin and the core tissues
Burns are regarded as a type of injury to the skin and the core tissues

The general signs of burns contain:

  • Pain (it depends on how severe the skin burn is).
  • Charred, pink or red skin.
  • Skin starts to peel.
  • Inflammation.
  • Blisters start to form.
  • Trouble breathing.

Treatment Of Burns

  • Skin graftingThis is often the preferred treatment choice for burn injuries. In this process, a skin graft (skin taken from other parts of the body) is stitched over the area that was burnt. The grafted skin will blend in and look similar to the original skin as it starts to heal. 

Complications Of Burns

The chances of health complications are quite high in case of burns, as the integrity of the skin is damaged. Common problems experienced by people with burns include –

  • Risk of infections: There is a bigger vulnerability to different infections as the burned skin is uncovered resulting in bacteria.
  • Pigmentation: It is usually seen in individuals with dark burns and the color of the skin changes.
  • Joint or bone pain: Burns that are deep near the bone it usually leads to severe pain.

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