Skin folliculitis

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Folliculitis is the inflammation of the hair follicles. Every hair in the body grows a tiny pouch called follicle and any part of the body that has hair can be affected by folliculitis. Folliculitis is usually common on the arms, beard area, buttocks and the legs.

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The skin bumps due to folliculitis can be caused by infection of the hair follicles and there are tiny pimples found at the base of the skin hair. These cause irritation and embarrassment because it can indicate poor hygiene.

Causes of folliculitis

  • Folliculitis is caused by yeast, bacteria and other types of fungus.
  • Damaged follicles have a high risk of becoming infected.
  • Follicles are blocked or irritated by sweat, machine oils and makeup.
  • Working with a substance that cause irritation or block the follicles such as makeup, motor oil, tar, cocoa butter and creosote.
  • Using whirlpool, hot tub or swimming pool that is not properly treated using chlorine.
  • Wearing too tight clothing.
  • Having an infected scrape, cut or surgical wound in which the bacteria or fungi can spread to hair follicles.
  • Suffering from conditions such as diabetes or HIV that lowers the resistance of the body in fighting infections.

Symptoms of folliculitis

Folliculitis looks like red pimples with a hair in the center and pus. These bumps become itchy or have a burning sensation. When the pimple breaks, they will drain blood and pus.

Apply a compress using saltwater or Burow’s solution.

“Hot tub folliculitis” usually develops about 72 hours after taking a bath in a hot tub or spa. These pimples can develop in the stomach and sometimes in the arms and legs. The affected person will experience a mild fever and an upset stomach. This kind of folliculitis eventually heals in 7-10 days.

Treatment and home remedies of skin folliculitis

  • Apply a compress using saltwater or Burow’s solution. When preparing the warm compress, soak a piece of cloth or small towel in warm water that has been added with salt or Burow’s solution. Wring out excess water and place the towel on the affected area of the skin. The salt water compress helps lessen the itching and promote fast healing of the affected skin.
  • Use a medicated shampoo if there is folliculitis in the scalp or on the beard.

In case the condition continues to persist and become worse for some time, it is best to seek medical help as soon as possible.

Treating skin bumps

  • For fast relief, apply warm compress on the affected areas, then remove the pus caused by the pimples using a sterilize needle. Before removing the pus, wash the hands thoroughly and use alcohol for disinfection.
  • When the abscess has been drained, wrap gauze around the affected area in order to protect the area from becoming worse as well as exposed to air. Change the dressing within 24 hours in order to minimize further infection of the area. When there is no more abscess in the area, apply an antibiotic ointment or cream.

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