Sexual Headaches

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The headache is severe, and has the history to see jagged lines in one eye before many of the headaches started. The headache is located occipitally, that is at the base of the skull in the back of the head, in contrast to migraine. Sexual headache can be bilateral – the pain in on the both sides of the head – and involves neck. Pain is described as dull and cramping in quality.

Sex-based headaches can occur at any stage of the sexual act. They are troubling because they can come on abruptly and with great intensity. The sudden appearance of a headache during sexual intercourse, particularly at the time of orgasm, naturally causes a great deal of anxiety. Actually, sexual headaches are benign, especially if the person is suffering from it before.

Rapid psychological changes can certainly cause the exertion headaches that sometimes result from a sudden increase in physical activity. Emotional stress, such as anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, or sorrow amplifies the normal effect of the adrenal gland’s catecholamine hormones.

Headaches occur during the early stages of foreplay or intercourses are brief, usually lasting for only a few minutes, except when they herald a brain hemorrhage. Mostly, the extreme pain lasts only ten to fifteen minutes, but in one study, over one-third of patients suffered from pain lasting from one hour to several hours. Postcoital headaches are often lengthy, persisting for several hours or even days.

Sexual headaches are often repetitive. The number of repetitions and their recurrence vary from patient to patient. The most troubling time is the first occurrence.

Sexual Headache
The sudden appearance of a headache during sexual intercourse, particularly at the time of orgasm, naturally causes a great deal of anxiety.


Generally speaking, drug therapy I particularly helpful in patients with orgasmic headache. Where psychological and relationship issues are present, the use of biofeedback and counseling should be instituted.

Frequently the best course of action to prevent sexual headaches is something you can do on your own. Here are some techniques you can try:

  1. Try stopping when you feel a dull headache coming on during the sexual activity. Your body may be issuing a warning to try it again at a later time.
  2. Take a more passive role during intercourse
  3. Lose weight and exercise more. Poor cardiovascular fitness can be a contributing factor.
  4. Try increasing the duration of sexual activity, especially prolonging the excitement stage before orgasm.
  5. Limit abrupt body movements or postural changes.
  6. Slow down or momentarily cease movements during sexual activity.
  7. Eliminate things that make you feel guilty.

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