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Kind of Headache: Migraine

Migraine is a genetic disorder which is transmitted through a gene. This premise asserts that a gene passed down through family line causes migraine, or atleast an inclination to migraine. Researchers think that people with the “migraine gene” tend to get headaches when they encounter any one of the migraine triggers, including hormonal changes caused […]


Sneezing is usually a response to an allergic nasal irritant. Don’t feel dopey and try not to be grumpy if you achoo on cue. You’re just sneezy, so there’s nothing to be bashful about. Without dwarfing the size of the problem, you should be happy to know that within limits, you can be your own […]


The genus Neisseria belongs to the family Neisseriaceae. It contains 25 species. About 12 species and biovars of these can be isolated from humans. They can be naturally isolated from the mucous membranes of the respiratory and urogenital tracts. N. meningitidis and N. gonorrhoeae require iron for growth. They have to compete with their human […]

How to Treat Pneumonitis?

Pneumonitis is an over-all term that denotes to inflammation of lung tissue. Pneumonia is technically a kind of pneumonitis since the infection causes inflammation. Mostly, doctors are discussing to other grounds of lung inflammation when they use the term “pneumonitis.” Elements that can source pneumonitis include contact to airborne irritants at workplace or from hobbies. […]

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