Importance of Knowing First Aid in the Workplace

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Whether you are an ordinary employee who is working at a fairly safe and peaceful environment or on a more physically strenuous and hazardous workplace, knowing how to perform basic first aid is a necessity. This is because work-related injuries are more common than what most people think.

What do recent studies suggest?

First Aid Classroom
First Aid Class

According to a study published by the American Safety and Health Institute, 2.2 million people in the world die every year due to medical conditions and injuries that they have incurred at work. In the US, at least 15 workers die every day due to injuries. This study is supported by the statistics that was released by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics for the year 2012. In this statistics, it was revealed that more than 4,300 individuals got into deadly occupational accidents in 2012 alone. Some of these injuries were incurred by workers in construction and mining industries while others were incurred workers in safer workplaces such as those in the retail and legal industries. This statistics just goes to show that accidents are bound to happen to workers regardless of their industry.

The overall cost of these injuries does not only harm private sectors, but the entire US economy as well. According to the National Safety Council the occupational injuries and illnesses that were incurred in 2004 alone is worth $142.2 billion. These include the sudden cardiac arrest cases that happened in the workplace.

What is the role of managers, supervisors and business owners?

According to the guidelines that are being implemented by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the first aid program of a business or company should include four components; the safety training of employees, the prevention of occupational hazards, proper leadership and adequate employee involvement and analysis of the worksite for possible occupational hazards and illnesses. While taking these components into mind, business owners and managers should create and implement a first-aid strategy or program that will be used during emergency cases.

What is the role of each individual employee?

Considering that sudden cardiac arrests also happen in the workplace, it is a good idea for employees to take first-aid courses if their company does not provide one for them. Investing in these courses will not only help employees save each other’s lives. Knowing how to perform basic first-aid to those who are in need can also come in handy if their family or friends are the ones who need immediate care.

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