What To Do When You Fall While Pregnant

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What should you do when you fall while pregnant? Many pregnant women fall down due to several reasons. It is important to know what needs to be done when you fall while pregnant so that the situation can be managed effectively. The unborn baby can get hurt in such falls particularly when the impact is hard and help does not arrive on time. This is why you will be required to undertake necessary steps so that further injuries can be avoided.

After falling, get up as quickly as possible. It does not matter if you fell on the stairs, ground or floor, you will be able to assess level of damage easily when you are back on your feet. Make sure that you are aware of the surrounding. This will help in establishing the cause of the fall. Future incidents can easily be avoided by getting rid of all potential safety hazards.

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Is it Mandatory to Call the Care Provider?

The answer is yes. One of the most important things to do after regaining balance is to call your care provider. Those who fall while pregnant and fail to take account of the circumstance leading to the situation cannot be helped over the phone. Bear in mind that the care provider will want to know the cause and impact of the fall.

Depending on the severity of the case, you may be required to take an immediate visit to the hospital. Call your family doctor if you have one. Caution should be exercised in all cases meaning that several tests must be conducted. The baby’s condition will be monitored through special sensors that will determine whether or not the heart rate is normal. The baby’s movements will also be observed.

On the other hand, if you fall while pregnant but the impact level is not worrying; your care provider will talk you through the situation. Essentially, you’ll be required to be on the lookout for several symptoms such as:

Abdominal pain

Slower baby movement


Blood and/or fluids oozing

These signs are an indication of a severe condition. Seek medical assistance immediately when you identify any one of these signs.

Do Falls Hurt the Baby?

In most cases, the baby will be safe. What should be of more concern to women that fall while pregnant is the bag that carries the baby and the placenta. When you fall, the water bag can easily tear which as a result causes infection. Another common problem is premature labor. Your care provider will tell you the extent of the damage, if any at all, and treatment options available.

All in all, you need not worry if the fall did not affect the abdomen area. For instance, if you landed on your butt and the pain was not severe at all then you can rest easy. However, you ought to visit the doctor immediately if that area received huge impact when you fell down. Also, discuss with your care provider all ways of preventing such an accident if you fall while pregnant numerous times.

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