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Boils are tiny elevated inflamed skin lesions that are caused by staphylococcus bacteria and can be found at the origin of the hair follicle or clogged oil gland. Staphylococcus bacteria is present  in the surface of the skin and does not cause any harm until it enters the skin and spreads through follicles  of hair, sweat glands or a cut on the surface of the skin due to a scratch or a puncture wound.

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In the beginning, the bump is red, warm and painful. After a few days, it will become firm, hard and tender. Boils are highly transmissible and an accumulation of boils called carbuncle or furuncle can develop in some cases.

The infection is limited to a particular area and there is an accumulation of pus at the center. This usually happens on the neck, breast, armpit, face and buttocks, but can develop on any part of the skin. Clusters of boils stick together to a form carbuncle which is deeper than boils. Take note that it is more serious than boils and males as well as individuals with diabetes are susceptible to carbuncles.

Symptoms of boil on the skin

A boil can develop on any part of the skin surface, but commonly manifests on the neck, face, armpit, buttocks and the thigh.
  • A boil can develop on any part of the skin surface, but commonly manifests on the neck, face, armpit, buttocks and the thigh.
  • Boils usually develop in hairy areas where there is skin friction. Boils are characterized by painful, red and warm lumps that form at the base of the follicles of hair on the surface of the skin.
  • The size of a boil is similar to a pinhead and can become enlarged to the size of the marble that is hard and tender.
  • Pus will form and comes out of the head of the boil once it breaks open. The pain is minimized when the pus is drained out.
  • Boils heals without any scars unless it is deep seated and large.
  • Clusters of boils combine together and cause a condition called carbuncle. This is caused by the same type of bacteria but can affect the deeper tissues. Carbuncles are more painful than boils and the affected person can develop fever and general feeling of weakness.

Treatment and home remedies of boils in the body

  • Minimize carbohydrates and fat from the diet. Add certain of amounts of proteins, fruits and vegetables in the regular diet.
  • Boil ½ cup of water and mix it with wheat flour until it becomes a thick paste. Apply the paste over the boil and wrap it with sterile gauze. Perform this at least 2-3 times in a day. After a few days, the boil will mature and break; pus will come out to provide relief from pain.
  • Apply garlic juice on the surface of the boil. Garlic cloves can be made into paste and applied to the boil at least 1-2 days in order to make the boil mature early and for easy drainage of the pus.
  • Apply onions as a poultice to boil. It makes the boil mature early due to its irritant action.
  • Create a poultice by combining a dash of turmeric powder, milk cream and a few drops of vinegar. After mixing thoroughly, place the poultice over the boil.
  • If the individual has diabetes, he/she should maintain the prescribed medication for the condition.


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