Suprapatellar bursitis

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The suprapatellar bursa is a bursa with a sac that is filled with synovial fluid located superior to the patella found below the quadriceps femoris muscle. This area is susceptible to injury caused by trauma and repeated micro trauma.

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Falling directly on the knees can cause patellar fractures which may be related to suprapatellar bursitis. Overuse of the joint such as running or crawling on the knees can cause bursitis.

Bursitis involves the inflammation of the bursa and can result into calcification if inflammation is chronic. Suprapatellar bursitis causes pain in the anterior side of the knee located above the patellar area which can spread to the lower portion of the thigh above the joint of the knee. An individual suffering from this condition has difficulty in kneeling or walking down the stairs.

Signs and symptoms of suprapatellar bursitis

There is tenderness on the anterior side of the knee located above the patella.
  • There is tenderness on the anterior side of the knee located above the patella.
  • Swelling on the upper part of the patella
  • Inflammation and pain at the area of the patella
  • Generalized weakness and fever

Treatment and home remedies of suprapatellar bursitis

  • Wear a knee brace or knee pad in order to minimize swelling and stabilize the joints. Using a knee pad will reduce the wear and tear on the knees.
  • Elevate the knee while sleeping since this helps in minimizing pain in the knee. Sleeping with an injured knee causes stiffness and it is important to elevate the knee when sleeping. Sleep on the backside and place a pillow or cushion under the affected knee.
  • Apply ice packs in order to minimize swelling and inflammation. Keep the ice packs on the knee at least 20-30 minutes every day. Ice packs helps in the healing of the bursa and reduces symptoms of pain. Ice packs should be applied immediately to the affected area right after the injury or any activity.
  • Apply chamomile oil over the affected area. Chamomile oil possesses anti-inflammatory ingredients and useful in treating joint pain. All you have to do is dilute chamomile oil. Apply a few drops to the affected knee with bursitis. Chamomile soaks through the skin tissue and helps in minimizing the symptoms.
  • The individual should take a turmeric supplement at least two capsules every day together with meals. Turmeric has a natural antibiotic ingredient that helps in minimizing inflammation.

Other remedies for suprapatellar bursitis

  • Mix honey with turmeric to create a paste. Consume this paste at regular intervals of time. Honey has contains strong anti-inflammatory properties while turmeric has a natural antibiotic ingredient which help in preventing the development of secondary infections.
  • Take supplements such as calcium and magnesium in the diet since these can provide beneficial effects. These supplements help in strengthening the bones but excessive intake of these supplements can cause calcification of the bursa and cause severe pain.

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