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Obesity is a medical condition wherein the body accumulates too much fat. It is different from being overweight. The weight may come from muscles, bones and/or body water. People with 30 or higher body mass index (BMI) is considered obese. It may lead to negative effect on the body. Being obese may put you at a higher risk for health problems like heart disease, High blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and many more.


The more you deprive yourself to sleep, the higher levels of stress hormones cortisol which increases your body’s appetite.

Why do people become obese?

There are many reasons for being obese, this may include the following:

  1. Consuming too much calories – Calories is the result of weight gain and higher fat percentage in our body. High calorie intake may cause stress on your body.
  2. Leading a sedentary lifestyle – When we say sedentary lifestyle it refers to a lifestyle with no regular physical activities. The less you move around, the lesser you burn fats on your body.
  3. Not sleeping enough –The more you deprive yourself to sleep, the higher levels of stress hormones cortisol which increases your body’s appetite.
  4. Lower rates of smoking – Smoking suppresses appetite.
  5. Medication that make patients gain weight – Clinically gain weight is associated with some prescribed medicines.


Kinds of obesity

  1. Inactivity Obesity – The greatest risk is in those who are inactive, because they are consistent in normal weight, overweight and obese people. For this type of obesity, body parts quickly gain fat and become unhealthy.


  • Food Obesity – Excessive sugar intake can cause this kind of obesity.


  • Anxiety Obesity – Anxiety and depression commonly leads to overeating, accumulation of fat in the body.


  • Venous Obesity – Venous circulation is obesity caused that is genetic in nature rather than habitual in nature.


  • Atherogenic Obesity – These people may accumulate fats in the stomach. It is important to avoid drinking alcohol for this kind of obesity.


  • Gluten Obesity – This is most common among women. This is often spotted during pregnancy, hormonal change and menopause stage.


Ways to prevent obesity

When we say prevention to obesity, it involves diet. Getting obesity will involves more than just a diet. The World Health Organization (WHO) requires an integrated approach which includes:


  • Promoting healthy eating habits
  • Encourage to exercise, for at least 30 minutes a day
  • Promote healthy, low-fat, high fiber foods
  • Eat more fruits , vegetables, nuts, and whole grain
  • Cut down consumption of fatty and sugary foods
  • Use vegetable oil than animal-based fats


All you need after is walk a little more and eat little less.

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