First Aid Tips You Don’t Need to Train For

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Basic First Aid Room
Basic First Aid Room

Oftentimes, people think that they need to acquire a first aid certificate in order to help injured people even in the littlest way possible. What they do not realize is that despite their lack of medical training or background, they can still do something to help without even touching the victim or the injured person. Here are some of the first aid tips and techniques that you can do without any formal training.

Enforce crowd control and dispersal

In a study conducted at the Dresden University of Technology in Germany, it was shown that crowd behavior can change either immediately or gradually depending on the event or reason why these groups of people are clumped together. It was shown that generally peaceful crown behavior can lead to turbulence when the crowd is not dealt with properly. Aside from endangering the injured person, this turbulence can also endanger the crowd itself. This is why crowd control and dispersal should be enforced. Clearing up the space can also make it easier for the injured victim to breathe due to better ventilation. You can also enlist the help of other, more authoritative figures such as security guards and law enforcers.

Call a doctor

For people who are formally trained, their first move is to assess the condition of the injured victim. They will then proceed to administering the necessary first aid techniques in accordance to the victim’s condition. Hence, they do not have the time to use their phone and call an ambulance. The responsibility to call a healthcare provider then falls on the hands of those who are not directly helping the injured victim since they are the ones who have the time and ability to make a call at that particular moment. This is what other people should do first since paramedics or ambulances may arrive 5-10 minutes later and time is of the essence during accidents.

Do you need formal training then?

As you can see, those who do not receive formal training can only do so much for patients and accident victims. This is why it is better to receive formal CPR training since this will teach you how to administer first techniques that can help save the lives of many people. You will also be able to do more good by receiving formal training since you will not need to wait for healthcare providers before doing other simple medical procedures such as tending to the wounds of the victims.

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