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A shock is a dangerous condition caused by insufficient blood flow in the body. Because of the lack of blood flow, critical organs such as the brain or lungs and the cells do not get receive oxygen and nutrients to properly function and may lead them to become damaged or cease functioning completely. Because of […]

Overview on a bruise

A bruise is a common skin injury that occurs when trauma is exerted onto the skin which causes the skin underneath to bleed causing the discoloration. People commonly get bruises in their lives and this happens when they bump into something. This is common to those who are moving around constantly in workplaces with many […]

Dislocated finger

A dislocated finger is a common injury where the bones in a finger are moved from their normal position. This can occur on any finger on the hand and commonly occurs on the middle knuckles of all fingers excluding the thumb. Finger dislocations usually happen without any fractures but there are cases that a break […]

Heat exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is a condition where the body overheats due to prolonged exposure to heat. Numerous factors can contribute to heat exhaustion such as humidity and the intensity of the physical activities that you are doing. Heat exhaustion can turn life-threatening and lead to heat stroke if left untreated but can be prevented in different […]

Overview on choking

Choking is a condition where the airways are blocked by a foreign object, this condition can become life-threatening if the person cannot remove the blockage by simply coughing or clearing their throat. Foodstuffs and small objects can be stuck down your throat which can block air in flowing to your lungs, this prevents your body […]

How to treat altitude sickness

Altitude sickness includes symptoms that happen when walking or climbing to a higher altitude or elevation very fast. Sometimes it can result to high altitude pulmonary edema of HAPE which can be very dangerous. Causes of altitude sickness Climbing very fast to higher altitudes, oxygen level gradually becomes low and result to difficulty breathing. Low […]

Treating a graze

Grazes is a prevalent injury that happens when slipping or falling. They are not usually serious but at risk for infection if not properly treated. Grazes affects the surface of the skin can result to bleeding and pain and the area will generally scab and recuperate. If the graze happens in the body that is […]