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Black widow spider bite

The bite caused by the black widow spider can affect the nervous system. This neurotoxic is one of the strongest venoms secreted by an animal. People have different reactions to the venom, some are slightly affected while others have a severe response. The first symptom that arises from the bite is an acute pain at […]

Cat bite

A cat bite can penetrate and puncture the skin, leaving a small but deep wound. This wound is particularly dangerous as a cat’s mouth carries many bacteria and the puncture wound caused by the cat bite seals rapidly overtime which can cause bacteria to be trapped underneath the skin where they can rapidly multiply. Because […]

Arsenic poisoning

Arsenic poisoning is a severe and potentially life-threatening form of poisoning caused by arsenic, a metalloid that is very toxic to most biological systems. The symptoms of arsenic poisoning depend on the type and concentration of arsenic. The main cause of arsenic poisoning is the consumption of large amounts of arsenic. If arsenic is consumed […]

Bacterial pneumonia

Bacterial pneumonia is a form of lung infection caused by certain bacteria that can be potentially fatal if left untreated. The most common one to cause this is Streptococcus (pneumococcus). This condition causes your air sacs to become inflamed and may be also filled with fluid, pus, or cellular debris. Pneumonia can also be caused […]

Pediatric asthma

Pediatric asthma is a condition where the lungs and airways become inflamed with exposure to airborne pollen, cold infections or respiratory infections. Not treated properly can result to a dangerous asthma attacks. Children susceptible to asthma develop this condition by the age of 5. The symptoms can be mild, moderate or severe. Symptoms of pediatric […]

Broken jaw

A broken jaw is a common facial injury that occurs due to a direct force or trauma to the jawbone. The joint known as temporomandibular joint is responsible for connecting the jaw to the skull becomes cracked, broken, or unhinged. A broken jaw can cause several problems and discomfort when it comes to eating or […]